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The body knows how to heal itself

The Bodytalk System is a simple, fast, painless and above all non-invasive method that brings body, mind and spirit back into balance. It works very simply: with the help of gentle muscle biofeedback of the hand and through systematic questions (based on the Bodytalk protocol), communication between the different body systems is restored and the flow of energy and the "built-in" self-healing powers are activated. This synchronization restores health and well-being.


Bodytalk helps with chronic and acute pain, stress, migraines, depression, sleep disorders, anxiety, metabolic disorders and allergies, among others.


The Bodytalk system holistically combines elements from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, Neurology, Energy Medicine (Chakras & Meridians), Western Medicine and Quantum Physics. Bodytalk is a body energy system applied to harmonize physical, mental and spiritual health concerns.


My work with clients shows me every day anew how great our body's own powers work. With ease, excellent results can be achieved with just a few balances. Bodytalk is not only a precise, completely individual system that brings the body back into balance - it can also, for example, reveal and heal the causes of pain, illnesses, fears or allergies.


For a better understanding, an animated film produced by the BodyTalk Switzerland association briefly and informatively explains the BodyTalk system:

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